Friday, March 7, 2008

About Us

If you are new to the shenanigans of Material Gurl, you are probably wondering who we are, what exactly are we doing in blogosphere, and why are we doing it. Even though we'd like you to stay a while and go through most of our previous blog post until you get the gist, we've decided to be dolls and provide this handy "About" blurb for you. So...

We (Courtney and Amal), are to Howard University students studying in various chemistry related fields with the hopes of becoming beauty industry moguls. Lucky for you, you won't hear a lick about the chemistry part. We love love love love hair, beauty, fashion, music, shopping, DC, NYC, Howard, and everything else you'll read about us throughout this blog. Instead of following the textbook case of entrepreneurship and wallowing in intense chemical formulas hoping that one day, it'll all pay off, we've decided to be a bit more proactive in our journey by fusing the things we know chic, sophisticated women (i.e. "Material Gurls") love to do along with all the boring stuff that comes with starting a beauty brand. In other words, this blog is a vehicle for us to experience and share all of the fun stuff that goes into becoming beauty entrepreneurs, as well as be a place for us to rave about life in DC and get other related ideas off our chest.

We know you'll enjoy this blog just as much as we love writing it.

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