Friday, December 21, 2007

Review of Judith Dominican Salon

Gurls, my greatest accessory is my hair. I love to switch it up. Sometimes it is curly and other times it is straight. With my hair Jackal and Hyde personality, I need people who could deal with each hair style needs and desires. When I want that healthy, shiny, with bounce straight look, I go to the moderately price and professional Judith Dominican Salon. First, they give me a great wash and a great deep conditioner with aloe vera. This aloe vera treatment contains many nutrients and vitamins that nourish my hair. Next, they put my long, curly, and coarse tresses under rollers and then I sit under the dryer for an hour. After this, they blow the curls out with a blow dryer and a round brush. However, my only two complaints is that the blow dryer burns my scalp a little and that it takes a while for my curls to fall right when I wear my hair natural. For more information, go to


starj said...

great shot!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hair.