Friday, March 7, 2008

Vacation Over

So if there is anyone in the world who was a regular reader of this blog until now...sorry for taking so long to update. We were just working exta extra hard to make sure that our blog was easy to navigate and easy to view. If you're reading now and never read before...welcome!!!!

As you may have noticed, we have several new features on this site. One of the more exciting one's is that we have subscription service now! Feel free to submit you email or send our feed to you favorite RSS reader. On the right, we now have a "Broadcast" section where we'll be featuring video we capture while out and about, as well as interesting footage of other stuff we love. Currently in our broadcast section is NYLON Magazine's interview with Ally Hilfiger during fashion week...hey, we love NYLON Mag, we love NY Fashion Week, and Ally seemed to be pretty alright post-"Rich Girls" (google it). Last but not least, we have a new and improved navigation bar (I feel so geeky being excited about this) with a contact tab that sends emails directly to us. So, with this new design, I feel like we're all good to go. Which means no more "extended vacations" on our part. We promise for real this time.


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