Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"The Hussy Factor"

I've recently discovered that I, along with many of my young, attractive, female friends possess what I call "The Hussy Factor". Not to be mistaken as something that someone would want to have, the hussy factor is the uncanny ability to draw unwanted mean looks and cold stares from older women because they assume that because you are young and attractive, you are a hussy.

This may seem to be a ridiculous notion to some, but I can assure you that my friends and I have experienced this on more than one occasion. The scene is usually somewhere nice- a formal or informal affair where older couples are in attendance, and I usually manage to get in on a whim because I know someone who has something to do with the event. Because I am young, I rarely have a date other than another female friend to bring and because I'm a college student, I rarely have enough cash to splurge on an dressy outfit, so I find something nice and inexpensive from a store like Loehmann's and I make sure that it plays up my best features. Next, my friend and I will head on out to the party or whatever we're attending...only to be gawked at by half the women over 35 in the room.

Now, this is not to say that all older women hate on us given our age, it has just been my experience that I always seem to encounter unwarranted meanness from a handful of insecure, middle aged women. This has happened at parties, at lounges, at formal events...even when meeting one of my favorite female singers! When I complain to my mother about this happening over and over again, she nearly always chuckles and says that a lot of this has to do with our youthfulness being seen as a threat by these women. This really perplexed me, because lifestyle-wise, there are so many things to look forward to and to be secure about as a woman gets older. Neither I nor any of my friends have experienced the joys of married life, children, property ownership, a career, or just full-fledged adulthood. If anything, it's the 20-somethings who should be jealous. However, since looks seem to be at the root of this hussy factor issue, I figured why not pay homage to black beauties who have maintained their fabulosity beyond the age of 35? The following 7 black women put me and all of my young friends to shame:

Image Via Yahoo TV

1. Former supermodel and new co-host on Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, Veronica Webb, 48

Image Via Getty Images

2. My personal fav, Tracee Ellis Ross, star or The CW's Girlfriends, 36

Image Via Star Magazine

3. Can't have a list like this without Halle Berry, 42!!!

Image Via MSNBC

4. Angela Bassett is still amazing at age 50!

Image Via Model Minority

5. Nia Long, 38, is one bad chic, word on the street is that she's even dating a man 13 years her junior!

Image Via The Fab Online

6. Former Miss USA turned actress, Kenya Moore, 37

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7. And last but not least...Actress Aunjanue Ellis, 39

I'm sure there are lots more that would be eligible for this list, but these are the women I could think of off the top of my head and haven't allegedly had any "work" done. I just pray I still have the hussy factor when I'm their age!!!

Who would you put on this list?


Shannon said...

I'm over 30, and I do get a little suspicious of younger women. The reason is that women just out of college tend to be a little less polished - and therefore more likely to make a scene, drink overmuch or paw at my boyfriend.

So it's not that I'm jealous of the newest young thing, because I really don't miss my early 20s. It's not about feeling threatened, it's about annoyance.

I think with age you become a little more reserved. Also, I'm aware that I'm stereotyping young women - but this post kind of did the same thing to more mature ladies, no?

Courtney said...

Hey Shannon!

First, thanks for commenting! I'm so excited someone's actually reading Me and Amal's mind spill, lol. Anyway, I totally see where you are coming from; for all the friends I have who complain about this, I know a handful of girls who gloat about being prizes amongst married (or otherwise taken) men, which I find totally disgusting. I guess this goes to show that women past through different types of worries/insecurity at all ages in life. For college 20-somethings, it may be proving their worth to the more mature scene, whereas the older women may feel they're constantly on the defense against the younger women. Of course these notions are rooted in stereotypes, but I've totally been guilty of getting drunk off of wines I can't pronounce in the misguided attempt to "be a grown-up" so at least a few of my "hussy factor" experiences were warranted I guess...