Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Because we're girls...

...it's imperative that we gush about our love of lipgloss at some point or another in this blog. We're sorry. But we have too. And we'll spare the "Lil' Mama" references. We promise.
In a completely chic bottle that's as aesthetically pleasing to the manicure obsessed (i.e. - Courtney) as it is to the pout perfectionist (i.e. - Amal) we present you Lorac's "lip polish". Though we admit to be lip- smacking, gloss wielding, several tube toting makeup freaks, we're coming to you completely objective with this one. Not only is Lorac just a phenomenal brand as it is, the colors of this gloss are just as whimsical as the look of the bottle. Not bad for women who need everything to be fab. And hey, if your boyfriend hassles you about buying yet another thing of "lip stuff" (as he would put it), pull it out of your purse and say, "Does this look like lip gloss to you? I didn't think so, thank you very much..."

...and give him a big, sticky kiss ;-)

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