Friday, July 11, 2008

My New Year Independence Day

With the cold weather setting in, the scenery growing bleak, and winter days steadily revoking daylight, it’s no wonder (perhaps under the influence of mild seasonal depression) that nearly every American pledges complete reform of their lives when the New Year rolls around in January. Conversely, when the weather is warm and life seems playful and grand, no one spends an inkling of time optimistically setting goals for their life come summer’s end. As a usual subscriber of the aforementioned philosophy, national holidays such as the Fourth of July usually don’t mean more to me than a day off from school and a free barbeque; however this holiday I spent some time seriously reflecting my own life choices and decided to gain my independence from mistakes in my past.

With the Fourth of July as my New Year, I’m determined to be a better person this go-round, which means seriously curbing some of my worst habits:

1. Poor money management
2. Extreme procrastination (of the self-sabotaging variety)
3. Little-to-no follow through with important contacts/professors
4. Extreme self-indulgence/low self-discipline

As a generally private person, it feels a little weird writing about my flaws for an infinite amount of strangers to read however; I think my tackling of these issues can provide a new framework for the topics I discuss on this blog. In other words, it’s likely you, the readers, might be going through some of the same things so it behooves me to dive a little deeper than the usual musings of hair and fashion. Make no mistake—there will always be insight on hair and fashion on this chunk of the internet, but now I’ve decided to include these topics as well:

~Personal Finance and Economics (stocks, savings plans, additional income ideas)
~Organization Ideas
~Reading Recommendations
~Whatever else suits my fancy

I’ve always been a little leery in discussion heavier topic on this blog because I’m young, thus I never exactly felt “qualified” to discuss things that seemed “bigger” than me. As a young Howard woman however; I am constantly growing and changing and I think it’d be a disservice to my own representation if I limited myself to just the lighthearted stuff.
So in a nutshell, it is my “New Year” resolution to be more as a person…expect see more on this blog.

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lastAutumn said...

For me both New Year's Day and my birthday are the turning points in my life. But the difference is that after New Year I try to change my life and after my birthday I don't want to do anything as I'm becoming older and older :-D