Thursday, March 20, 2008

Underaged Hotness: Teyana Taylor

It seems that every minute or so a new female celebutante is crowned as the new "it" girl by Tabloid mags or gossip websites. Heralding these women as the second coming given their looks, talent, or sense of style, it can be pretty confusing when trying to understand just what this "it" factor is. Though I've long disagreed with the notion that girls like Ashley Simpson or Vanessa Hudgens deserve such a title, there is no denying the "it" factor as it pertains to MTV's Sweet Sixteen alum and Harlem's own self proclaimed "rockstar", Teyana Taylor.

I must admit, I've been following Teyana Taylor since her debut on Sweet Sixteen back in early 2007, so this post has been in the making for quite a while now. Though I normally write off the Sweet Sixteen girls as arrogant Paris-Hiltons-in-the-making, I was struck by Teyana's look and "I'ma do me" attitude. In a world where 6 years olds contemplate dieting and strive be "hot", I'm all for confident young women and Teyana has my respect for that alone.

Additionally, the girl's just doing her thang! First and foremost, her style is sooo quirky and cute! If you couldn't tell before, this blog is most certainly curly hair biased, and her 'fro is nothing short of amazing.

As to whether it's really all her hair- I think it is, but I understand it make sense to wear fake hair when in the spotlight as not to ruin your real hair from over-styling. Word on the blogosphere street is that she may or may not wear lacefronts. I say, who cares?! It's clear from her MTV episode and Myspace pictures that her hair is big and curly by nature, so there's no need to investigate all of her photo shoots for "hair authenticity". Because I'm a hair junkie, I happen to know that she uses the Matrix line of shampoo and conditioner, and that she uses Hair Milk by New York-based Carol's Daughter. As for achieving this look, I couldn't tell you exactly what she does, but I obtain similar result when I style my hair with a (1) a (fat) twist out, (2) a blow out and small barrel curling iron, or (3) roller set with flexirods. Next time I do this look myself, I'll be sure to post comparison pics ;-)

Beyond big hair, Ms. Taylor has quite the style too! Known to wear off the wall clothes myself, I'm definitely diggin' the skinny acid washes, candy colored sneaks, gold jewelry, and Barbie style dresses. This girl really knows how to juxtapose femininity with bad boy gear, which is really refreshing amongst all of the hoochie mamas in the music biz right now. I know this is an odd statement to make, but I love how even though Teyana is kinda busty (like me), she keeps it controlled and never runs the risk of looking "over exposed" with her style choices. As a young woman with a smaller frame but larger chest, I know what an absolute battle it is to find clothes that fit without having chi-chi and cha-cha (my Dad's nickname for them, lol) hanging out. I digress (another post, another bra, another time), but Teyana is definitely someone to look towards in that regard. Below are a few looks that I can't wait to rock this summer as inspired by Teyana

Beneath the looks and the clothes lie Teyana's wealth of talent, as she was signed to Pharrell's Star Trek label before the age of 16, choreographed Beyonce's Ring the Alarm video, was features in Trace Magazine, and helped usher in the Harlem's own dance craze "Chicken Noodle Soup". Like I said, the girl got a lil' talent in her! Her new album is soon to be released, and her new single Google Me is already gaining some ground. Though "Google Me" is not my favorite song in the world, I do think it's cute and will fit nicely among the ranks of Lil' Mama and Ciara. Teyana's other track, Traffic Stop, is my 'ish however, as I've been playing it for a couple of days now.

So, if you're reading Teyana Taylor, you've sparked my interest. I can't wait to see what you come out with next...


nicki-minajah said...

can sum1 plz help me to find where that barbie dress nd that dress teyana wore on the cover of trace magazine came from b/c im seriously thinking about wearing either one of those to my senior prom next year!!!
she's just like me: unique, creative, and always thinking outside the box and staying true to who she is while being different. i luv that!!!

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