Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pretty Men and Pretty Brows

I don't usually like men prettier than me, but I was channel surfing and came across Damone Roberts on TLC's Ten Years Younger. All I could think to myself was, "Damn! That is one pretty man..." Crowned as the "King of Eyebrows", not only does this guy sport purrrfect brows but his hair is amazing too! I have no other agenda with this post except for you all to enjoy his beauty and eyebrow tips, lol, so here is a video of Damone in here to enjoy!

For moderately priced, quality eyebrow and eyelash taming in DC, check out D'Brows on 12th and U st. I went there to be groomed for Superbowl weekend, and they did an amazing job for a great price (remember, I'm a college student)! Check the store or site often for specials and price discounts. If Damone is any indication, caterpillar eyebrows are not acceptable for anyone. Even men...

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