Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Model Collection: Pt. 1

Whenever I get in a drought of hair inspiration, I almost always hop on Google and start searching for the world's most exotic curly hair. Here's a few beauties that I've recently discovered during my "travels"...

You can also view this collection in our "Photos" tab as well. Click below for complete model listing.

Model Listing (order as shown):
Danielle Leonel, Afro-Brazilian
Israela Avtua, Israeli
Vanessa Fonseca, Afro-Brazilian
Tati Macei, Afro-Brazilian
Moara Marinho, Afro-Brazilian
Sabina Karlsson, Afro-Swedish
Sessilee Lopez, Dominican
Stacey McKenzie, Jamaican
Nadine Willis, Jamaican
Tracie Wright, African American
Noemie Lenoir, French
Jessi M'Bengue, Algerian
Yasmine Warsame, Somalian
Maud Bourek, Egyptian


miss fab said...

i love love love big, natural hair!! i've been thinking of going natural sometime soon too. hopefully i don't chicken out!!

love your blog. keep up the good work repping HU!!!

Anonymous said...

beatiful moara

Anonymous said...

I loved moara,she's beatful