Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Introducing: Outrageously Chic!!!

This is our new, ongoing collection of all the fabulousness that is Howard University!!! We really need help identifying everyone that is in our slideshow (we want to give you all credit!) so please, drop us and email or a note on Facebook so that we can begin captioning the individuals names! Big thanks to Leonard Fortner, fellow HU student and blogger for getting the original pictures together and allowing us to use the slideshow here. Check out his site, outchic.blogspot.com for more. We love you Leo!

In case you didn't know, Women's Wear Daily named DC's own Howard University the second most fashionable university in the nation. We know our stuff in the classrooms and on the pages of Vogue! That makes this blog "HU Fashion Certified" if you had any doubts... "HU! You Know!!!"

For more great Howard fashion, Check out HU's official magazine, The Grind, Leo's site, or click on our Photos tab for more great HU pics!


ValMac said...

I love the fashion on our campus!! I was a little upset though cause my picture wasn't included, lol. J/K

Reese McG said...

love this feature. i'm feeling the style of the Howard U. ladies!