Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Mecca as far as a material gurl is concerned...

...is NYC!!! With it's bright lights, soaring buildings, and street vendors who all seem to have that hot item that hasn't quite been released yet (hmm...), it's very difficult for a true Material Gurl not to crave the Big Apple every once in awhile. Amal and I are, well, insatiable to say the least, however; we managed to satisfy our New York deprivation by venturing to America's great city last weekend. You can never really see all of NYC (especially not in the 72 hours allotted to us) but we did manage to race through Union Square, Greenwich Village, Korea Town, Lower East Side, Soho, Harlem, and Midtown in no particular order. Some of our highlights included the absolutely, divinely delicious Sylvia's of Harlem, Korean BBQ cuisine, and the spectacle in itself known as Canal Street. And no, we didn't buy any knock offs. Surprisingly enough, given that we are Material Gurls, we didn't come away with any new material possessions after our trip. In the beginning, I would have blamed our luck on New York's immoral price inflation for vintage clothing (remember when old clothes were, you know, cheaper than new ones...?) but upon returning home, I realized we came home an experience way more valuable than anything we could have bought. During our brief stay in New York, we saw the skyline. We woke up to a snow storm and watched the fluffy white settle delicately over the highest of high rises. We rode trains like true natives and hailed cabs like Carrie Bradshaw. We reminisced on the days when we dreamed of what NYC would be like, and we renewed our hopes for all of the things we wish to accomplish for when we come back. We allowed the movement of the city to recharge our own spirits and we brought a load of inspiration back in our hearts. Last weekend, we left NYC, but NYC I don't think will ever really leave us.

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