Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fresh Faced and Frugal

Armed with a tube of Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker lip balm, an eyeliner pencil stolen from my mother, and all the determination in the world to beautify my awkward, 6th grade self before math class, I sat fumbling in the girl's bathroom mirror trying to figure out precisely how makeup artists got the cover model of Seventeen magazine to look so perfect. Though this was my first introduction to the world of makeup, ironically the other day I found myself equally baffled when looking at this picture of Veronica Webb as I was in that stinkin' junior high bathroom a decade ago. How does she do it?!?!? Resembling a porcelain doll back from no less than a week in St. Tropez, Veronica's face is so fresh I mildly craved a garden salad. And a bottle of Evian.

I immediately knew my that if I ever was to attain that level of feigned flawlessness, I was going to need some of the best products Georgetown Sephora had to sell. So I set out with my list:

#1- I.D. BareMinerals Foundation Powder

#2- Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara

#3- M.A.C. Lipglass in Clear

#4- CARGO Bronzer in Coral Beach

I had owned or at least used all of these items at one point or another and absolutely loved them, so I knew they'd be my best bets for Veronica appeal. I grabbed my keys, my bag, my wallet...wait, my wallet...I was nearly broke! Since I live in a never ending college crisis financial crunch, I had no idea how I let the excitement of Veronica Webb's face remove me from the current and usual reality of my low cash flow. Still, I was determined. If anyone was going to look as glow-y as Veronica besides Veronica herself, it was me! No way was I going to let my lack in the "dolla dolla bills" keep from my beauty dreams.

Standing in my room with my coat half on, my goal half shot, and my brain one though away from contemplating liquor store robbery, I recalled an episode of Tyra where they discussed that some cheap versions of popular cosmetic formulas are actually comparable to the expensive brands. Going back to my middle school memory bank for the second time in one day, I thought of the drugstore makeup brands that never put me over my $30 allowance yet ensured I'd get at least one dance during 6th grade school dance. Making a mental note, I ran off to CVS and came back with the following alternatives:

#1- L'Oreal Bare Naturale Powdered Mineral Foundation

#2- L'Oreal Original Voluminous Mascara in Black

#3- Wet n' Wild Glassy Gloss in Clear

#$- Bonne Bell Glimmer Bronze Bronzer in Sun Kissed

Yeah, I know I did a major throwback with the Bonne Bell and Wet n' Wild, but a (broke) material gurl had to do what a (broke) material gurl had to do. And actually, the results haven't been half bad. For one, none of the formulas for any of these products are very heavy, so I don't really look like I'm wearing make-up. Though the Bonne Bell bronzer is in slight excess with the glitter, it provides a nice, overall highlighting effect to my cheek and brow bones. The L'Oreal powder is less "shimmery" than the Bare Minerals version, however I welcome the slightly matte composition given the already shimmery Bonne Bell bronzer. As with the L'Oreal mascara, I have always loved this particular brand and it comes in a very close second to Dior. You have to use more coats with L'oreal's formula in order to get the Dior effect, however for the price and similarities, I might keep the L'oreal mascara in stock just in case. For Wet n' Wild, I think M.A.C. may have a run for their money. Seriously. It's just as "wet", just as sticky, and for the most part stays on just as long. I think I may never go back...

So, as a whole, when I get some dough I would love to have my first choice cosmetics. But for under $30 at CVS and the ability to produce virtually the same look, I think I'll just stay fresh faced and frugal, for now.


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