Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Beginning

It's funny how some nights end. Still elated from the party, hopeful for tommorow night's adventures, and dog-tired from sky high stilletos, there's nothing like a happy ending after partying with your girls on a summer's night. When looking at this picture it's easy to see how the ending of such a night is showcased; however, we bring you this real-life moment to help explain the very beginning...the beginning of our company "Material Gurl" and the M. Gurl Life blog. Material Gurl seeks to reach young women who follow and desire the "natural" trend, yet don't necessarily want to be categorized as having "hippie-like" sensibilities. The name itself initially implies a materialistic, shallow woman, however that is not the case with our brand at all. Our consumer knows what she wants in terms of quality of the food she eats, the clothes she wears, and the entertainment she seeks; however, below the surface Material Gurl represents the natural, healthy, luxurious materials that literally make our products such wonderful items. The M. Gurl Life blog is the reflection of our brand's philosophy and the celebration of the lifestyles of all the chic women who use our stuff. We love you all just as much as you love our beauty products, and this blog is to be an homage to you. We know not all of you are Hollywood actresses, Fashion Week runway models, or dangerously spoiled celebutantes...and that's fine, because neither are we. We're real women just like you who create great products for all of DC, Howard U, and everywhere abroad to experience. So, whether you're crashing parties and stumbling in at 3 am (see pic above), or doing your best to remain true to yourself (see face in the mirror), M. Girl Life is all about you. And this post starts the beginning. Check us out from here on as we provide you with inside peeks to the M. Gurl Lives of us, the creators of Material Gurl; lots of other "Material Gurls" we meet along the way, and trés chic discussion on topics that we all can relate to. If you love our products and think your daily happenings are a M. Girl Life fit, then drop us a line at . And as always, check out our product site soon to read our full brand philosophy (one that doesn't included petrochemicals and unsafe additives) and the latest, exclusive, natural beauty products around!

~Courtney and Amal